First Time Sponsor

First Time Sponsor: 
Sponsor supplies:
River Shoes for river swimming.

felt tip pen for name tags

pencils or pens for girls

bath mat

ice chests or water coolers

bedding- for twin sheets or sleeping bag (we also recommend you bring a blanket or sheet to place under the mattress as they tend to make noise when you roll over)


fabric pens for t-shirt signing

small poster for schedule

clothes line/cloths pins

bug spray/sunscreen

paper towels/trash bags

night light/flashlights

battery powered alarm clock (the only plugs are in the bathroom)

rags and sponges for cleaning

latex gloves


Ice (for ice chest- can be purchased at camp at your expense)


CD player or iPod for devotional time (SPONSORS ONLY ON CD PLAYERS)

Items for mission project (on camper info sheet)

Bible study supplies if applicable

feminine products

Extra copies of medical forms to keep with you the originals go to the nurse’s station

hand soap for the bathrooms

paper towels/hand towels for the bathroom

DRESS RULES: Shorts, dresses, and skirts (3 inches above the knee maximum or fingertip length) can be worn for all activities except the evening service.  Bike shorts or leggings may be worn only if wind shorts are worn over them.  Long pants, capri pants below the knee, jeans or modest dress (no mini dresses) are to be worn to the evening worship services. Please bring long pants for the campfire service.  No short shorts, bare midriffs, halter tops or halter dresses, spaghetti straps, tube tops or T-shirts with rock groups or country personalities printed on them.  In order to swim, one piece swim suits only.  Bathing suits may be worn with wind shorts.  NO TWO-PIECE SWIMSUITS WILL BE ALLOWED.

*SNACKSAny snacks your group wants to bring may be kept in the cabin. You will need to buy ice for ice chest or for gatorade should a child get overheated. It is suggested that water be provided for the girls in the cabin. Sponsors will need to being additional snacks for the cabin. It is recommend you bring extra money for ice, snacks, bookstore, and emergency needs. A minimum of $30.00 to$60.00 for each sponsor is suggested.