New Campers

New Campers:
Write your name on all belongs

fanny pack or small tote bag to carry your things in to different activities

pencils or pens to write with


an Offering

spending money for crafts, snack bar, bookstore, coffee house

trash bag to cover clothing during painting crafts

reusable water bottle to carry with you all day

old tennis or water shoes for in the river

closed toe shoes for walking around in all day

DRESS RULES: Shorts, dresses, and skirts (3 inches above the knee maximum or fingertip length) can be worn for all activities except the evening service.  Bike shorts or leggings may be worn only if wind shorts are worn over them.  Long pants, capri pants below the knee, jeans or modest dress (no mini dresses) are to be worn to the evening worship services. Please bring long pants for the campfire service.  No short shorts, bare midriffs, halter tops or halter dresses, spaghetti straps, tube tops or T-shirts with rock groups or country personalities printed on them.  In order to swim, one piece swim suits only.  Bathing suits may be worn with wind shorts.  NO TWO-PIECE SWIMSUITS WILL BE ALLOWED.